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ZKBioSecurity V5000 Ultimate All-in-One Web-Based B/S Security Platform

ZKBioSecurity V5000 Ultimate All-in-One Web-Based B/S Security Platform

SKU: ZKBioSecurity V5000

All-in-One solution with 10 modules and other sub-systems, flexible for projects in all sizes and various industries

• Standard access control features and new professional A&C functions (Global Anti-Passback, Global Linkage, Global Interlock) available, satisfying different customers’ needs

• Professional Video Management features such as real-time preview, video playback, alarm linkage, video decoding, monitoring with face images of individuals, alert for white/ black list personnel and so on, providing multiple functionalities for various applications

• Camera linkage and multiple linkage actions

• Smooth and advanced Visitor Management module; streamline enrollment with pre-registration or self-registration options, allowing users to create their own watch lists against unwanted visitors

• Security enhancement, such as improving the security of user passwords by avoiding the risk of password cracking by chance

• Multiple languages supported: English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplifield), Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean

• Standard third-party interface with strong platform expansion capability

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