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SouthTech Tripod Turnstile

SouthTech Tripod Turnstile

  • Tripod Turnstile is 304 stainless steel sheet metal forming, beautiful and durable.
  • Brake lever steering: one way, two-way (optional)
  • Turnstile gate control mode: manual / automatic (optional)
  • Tripod turnstile can mount a variety of control devices: metal security gate/ICcard/ID card/ card/ barcode card, etc
  • Ultra quiet design: Mechanical design using third-generation silent, smoothoperation no noise impact
  • Super bright passage indicator. directional design of ultra- bright LED lights toindicate a more eye catching
  • Automatic access function: the reader automatically run after the brake lever tounlock certain angle, automatically bring people through the gates
  • Access memory function: After several pedestrians card, access gates opportunityto remember the number, until the entire passage of pedestrians closing;
  • Power off the pole, the power from the bar features:turnstile gates automaticallyafter power brake lever to facilitate evacuation fall to meet fire safetyrequirements; (automatic type)
  • Remote control: RS485 card can be accessed by computer or TCP to RS485 remotecontrol tripod gates
  • Automatic reset function: by credit card is not specified, within the time turnstilegates back in situ cancel access
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