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SouthTech Flap Turnstile

SouthTech Flap Turnstile

  • Problem self recovery and corrective measure ability, convenient maintain andadjust
  • Turnstile motherboard with high clean sound read chips which could broadcast inlight of user's requirement
  • Human base model indication function, real time displaying, improve the passingrate and convenient maintain
  • Flap turnstile gate automatic counting indicating passenger's number
  • Flap turnstile resetting automatically, auto cancel the pass through and closedbarrier gate in case nothing pass the channel in a setting time
  • Flap turnstile anti pinch function with UPS to satisfy firefighter requires, ensureuser's safe
  • Break-in, tail, over-pass and reverse alert function in order to keep orderlinessand effective manage
  • Standard input / output port, meanwhile leaving a port space for installingRS485 communication, connect and manage the integrated systems through theremote PC
  • Super combination capacity, adjustable model on site, adjustable speed ofbarrier slide, open signal with memory or with out set function.
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