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Double Door Standing Equipment Rack

Double Door Standing Equipment Rack


**Stock will send direct from factory after we receive full payment

**Free Delivery within Klang Valley only (Outstation please enquire delivery cost)

**1000mm Depth Customised Rack > Top-up RM 350**

Acrylic Door > Top-up RM50

▪Vented Top Cover; Front Perforated with Lock

▪2 detachable side panels with lock

▪4 pcs Castor wheel; 40 sets M6 caged nuts

▪4 pcs adjustable panel mounting members

▪5 x 13A Power Outlets (PDU)

▪Package comes with 2 x Ventilation fans and 2 x 430mm Equipment trays
▪2 x Front Metal Trucking 

▪High quality epoxy powder coasting

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