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4in 2out HDMI Matrix

4in 2out HDMI Matrix


Features :

A true Matrix that allows user to distribute any 1 of 4 sources to either to 2 displays

Full HD 1080p and 4K2K(30Hz)

3D compatible

Extract L/R audio and S/PDIF audio from HDMI signal and can be obtained at designated output port

Equalizes HDMI input signal and support up to 15m (49ft) 24awg quality Highspeed HDMI cable

Act as a lossless distributor or switcher, many functions in one sturdy built wall-mountable alloy casing

Switching operations are controllable via front panel push buttons or IR remote controller

IR remote control signal is receiveable via an extend cable, wiring made simpler

LEDs in groups indicate relevant connections

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